My online courses can be structured and scheduled to suit your specific needs.

Contact me using the form on this page to provide details of what you are looking for: preferred dates, cusine, number in your group etc

Online Courses

I’m delighted to be able to keep sharing the pleasures of cooking during lockdown. I love teaching my classes and even though it isn’t the same as having people in my kitchen, these online classes are proving to be a great alternative. I think we all need a bit of a boost at the moment, and I hope these classes bring a bit of fun, variety and enjoyment into people’s lives.

Online courses are 1 or 2 hours and will include a selection of recipes that can easily be followed via video call.

A 1 hour course will include a selection of 3 canapes. These can be used as starters as well as canapes to be served with pre-dinner drinks.

A 2 hour course will include a selection of canapes, a main course and desert.

Each participant will be sent a welcome pack a week prior to the course which will contain a list of all ingredients and any equipment that will be needed.

Participants can choose to join in with each recipes - or select one or two - OR, just sit back relax and watch everyone else cook!
Prices start from £300 per course for up to 30 participants.
These courses can be hosted at a date and time to suit you and your team - we advise an evening so everyone can relax with a glass of something and eat what they have created.